Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some time has passed...

and I haven't written. I read something today and decided to just write and not wait for some kind of brilliant inspiration. Perhaps if I write I will be inspired. Is this writing something for myself or is it for you to read?? It should be for me only, but then why the public posting. Why do I crave public approval? Why do I see a moment of grace and feel the need to capture it in a photo to share, I always think I should absorb it and be satisfied. Maybe it is just another facet of longing for connection, linkage to other human beings, sharing moments of grace.

I hope so.


Claudia said...

Yes it is! It is a way of sharing something we have even when we don't know what's worth to be shared!

Hope you're back now!

Cynthia said...

I've fallen in love with this tree
so nude and open towards the

- A - C - said...

Welcome back. Inspiration will come.. I'm sure of it!

Peggy said...

Welcome back! I think we want to share things that touch us deeply for the same reason we read, as CS Lewis said, "to know we are not alone." Lovely post today.

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